Lush: Fizzbanger Bath Bomb

Hi everyone!

It’s summer in New Zealand at the moment and I love having cool baths at the end of the day to wash away all the dust. And what better way to do that than to use a Lush bath bomb? I waste a lot of my life in baths with Lush bath bombs… But is it really a waste when they’re so pretty and relaxing?

I picked up a Fizzbanger at my store during the Boxing Day sale, and finally got to use it last night after one monster of a day!


There’s something so nice about Lush in general. I think it’s the simple packaging that lets the yummy smells out! You get to sniff what you’re about to use, and the wrapping just makes you feel all ethical and eco-conscious. I spend far too much money in there. Remember: if you buy many of their products in pots, clean and keep them, and when you have five you can swap them in store for a free face mask!

But I digress.

image3  image5

This is the bomb itself. It’s a big, yellow ball, and pretty hefty. Fizzbanger is an unassuming bomb, but like so many things, it’s what’s inside that counts. And the scent? To die for. It shares its scent with the Gorilla perfume Love, which I haven’t tried before. It reminds me of a toffee apple: warm and cinnamon-y with apple and a hint of lemon. It’s really delicious, and I’m considering picking up the perfume when I’m next in the store.

image7  image8


As you can see, Fizzbanger looks yellow at first, but then it opens up and leaves beautiful swirls of blue and green in the water! My bath ended up green, which went rather well with the toffee apple scent. It didn’t leave any residue in the tub when I drained the water, which was nice. It’s usually the pinks and purples that stain my bath.

It says on the Lush website that it has popping candy in it, but to be honest I didn’t notice them at all. No popping, nothing. Perhaps I’m going deaf? It also says on the website that there is meant to be a piece of paper with the word ‘BANG’ on it in the centre, but this was mysteriously absent. Perhaps they don’t do this with the New Zealand stock? Personally I don’t mind, as pieces of paper in the bath remind me of plasters in the swimming pool. Erk!

The water felt nice and silky! My legs were dry afterwards, though, so I did need to put on some moisturiser, and my elbows were mildly irritated. To be honest, most bath products do this to me anyway, so I wasn’t too bothered, but I thought I’d include this just as a small word of caution for anyone who has very sensitive skin.

Overall, I give Fizzbanger a 7/10. I took off some points for the way it reacted with my skin, but overall I was really happy with the bomb. I felt much better after my cool bath with this baby!




  1. ariochoa · January 3, 2015

    Dyingggg to use one of their bombs!!


    • daniellerosenalouise · January 4, 2015

      Lush is one of my all time favourite beauty stores! Are there any stockists in Florida? Bomb Cosmetics are a good alternative: I think they actually split off from the same company!


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