Tips for Lipstick Lovers with Dry Lips!

Bonjour mes amis!

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love lipsticks. I absolutely adore them. I have far too many than is healthy! There’s something so fun about them: they come in all sorts of colours, all sorts of finishes, all sorts of scents… Not to mention the impossibly cute packaging of some brands! I also like how easy they are to change up when you get bored: while eyes, hair, and foundation finishes take effort and time to change, lipstick can be quickly wiped off and reapplied. I think it’s obvious that I have a bit of an obsession…

Unfortunately, I suffer from chronically dry lips. I have a very dry skin type as it is, and lipsticks just don’t agree with me if I don’t put the effort in. I also have mild eczema, which likes to come to the party on my face pretty regularly! So over the last few years I’ve spent a good deal of time trying to figure out a lip regime that actually works for me and allows me to keep wearing the lipsticks I love without wrecking my mouth. Sometimes I’ve found what I thought was my holy grail lip product, only to find that after a few months, it stops working.

This regime that I follow now I’ve been using for over a year, and it’s still working, which makes me pretty happy. ūüôā It doesn’t stop the excema, but it does prevent my lips forming those nasty cracks and flaky patches that used to plague me. What I love about this regime is that it isn’t too expensive, and the products are easy to find at your supermarket or mall.¬†Perhaps you could try it and see how it works for you?

So without further ado, here it is…

During the day, I use the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Nourishing Lip Balm, which is a broad spectrum SPF 20 lip cream. My current one is in a pot, but it usually comes in a tube:

lip balm

I put this on whenever I feel dry. I’ll sometimes put it on top of my lipstick if it’s a matte formulation, but it tends to break up the lip colour, so if I’m wearing lipstick and feeling dry I’ll usually wipe it off, apply the lip cream, blot, and then apply the lipstick again. It sounds arduous, but with lips like mine even creamy lipsticks are a bit of a hazard. If I just want to add some sheen to my lipstick, I just dab a bit on the middle of my bottom lip, and it has a nice subtle effect without breaking up the colour. The balm¬†has a chemical strawberry scent and to be honest isn’t the best tasting, but it’s nice and thick and actually soothes my lips, rather than just adding moisture. It lasts for a long time, so when I’m out in the sun or wind I feel like my lips are actually protected, rather than just moisturised. I feel like it improves my lip texture as well.

During the night, I use the Chap Stick Night Repair Lip Treatment which is part of Chap Stick’s Day and Night package. Although I don’t use the Day Lip Cream as it doesn’t work very well for me, it works for my partner, so when I buy the package I give the Day Cream to them. It’s in a neat little purple tube:

chap stick

The benefits of applying targeted products at night have been well documented: while you sleep, skin renewal is faster, your skin is more receptive to active ingredients, and your temperature is slightly higher, which allows products to absorb better.¬†I slather this on thickly before bed, and when I wake up in the morning, my lips feel nice and moisturised! I like the texture in particular, which is watery and silky. It soaks into the lips quite rapidly, which allows me to put on a few layers in a short amount of time. When I don’t use this at night, I definitely notice the difference the next morning. This is also useful to layer under a lipstick, since it soaks in fast and smoothes out any flaky¬†patches.

I exfoliate my lips whenever they feel like they need it, which tends to be one¬†or two times a week. I use the¬†Lush Lip Scrub.¬†I like the Bubblegum flavour the most, but at the moment I’m using the Popcorn flavour:


This is mostly sugar, flavouring, and salt, but boy is it delicious! It’s a gentle scrub that you rub on with your finger or an old toothbrush and then lick or rub off. I like it because it’s so gentle, although I admit that the flavour is a big drawcard. It tastes slightly salty, sort of caramel-y, kind of sweet and sour… Yum! This is a good product for people with dry lips, because a lot of lip exfoliators are very harsh, and we only need the flakes removed, not our lips!

The other problem with having dry, flaky skin is that our lip colours tend to ‘bleed’.¬†This is most noticeable when I use dark, vampy colours, which is so annoying as it ruins that sharp, crisp line I want! So before I apply lipstick, I use the OCC Anti-Feathered Clear Primer Pencil.


This is a very creamy, clear pencil that I run around the outside of my lip line before I apply lipstick. It stops bleeding before it even happens, and I’ve found that it actually helps the moisture level of the skin around my mouth. I reapply it maybe once a day if I’m wearing a dark lippy: never if I’m wearing a light colour. I really love this pencil and have replaced it a number of times! The only downside is that the pencil itself doesn’t last very long: I have to sharpen it after every use as it wears right down.

So that’s my lip routine! By following this, I am able to wear the lipsticks I want without wrecking my mouth or having the colour come up patchy and horrible. Let me know what you do for your lips in the comments!



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